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Bag Rock Salt

It’s the time of the year when you should be considering your stock of rock salt and preparing for the busy months ahead. You should have plenty of ice-melting materials along with your regular rock salt and if you’re getting ready to place an order you may want to consider the benefits of ordering bagged salt. These bags are a breeze to handle and offer an easy storage solution while providing a number of other advantages.

Bagged rock salt offers a convenient storage solution since the bag protects against cold and moisture. You also have the option of emptying the salt into plastic bins that are located in strategic positions close to your service sites. As well, these bags can be easily handled by employees and can be spread manually from the bag on pathways for smaller job assignments. They are perfect for companies that have clients with hard-to-reach areas where the salt must be applied by hand.

Rock salt requires specialized storage solutions and when you place an order for bag rock salt these requirements are partially met. When you don’t have a specified building, dome or another protective area to store your salt, these bags will help act as a protective barrier. They will help stop the salt from clumping due to exposure to cold and moisture.

Bulk salt delivered in sacks gives you the opportunity to store it in smaller quantities. For many companies, a combination of bulk salt on its own and bagged rock salt offers the perfect solution. When you need large quantities of salt please contact us first to find out why we are one of the leading bulk rock salt suppliers in the country.

While you may be tempted to purchase bagged rock salt at a big box store, this is never a good idea. You’ll have to pay higher prices for the product and there is a better chance that there will be a shortage of salt during peak times when the snow and ice is already on the ground. The stores see spike periods once the temperatures begin to plummet and are more likely to completely sell out of bagged rock salt at these times.

Most employees working at these larger chains also don’t have the expert knowledge you may need regarding the type of salt to purchase. When you need to get your questions answered regarding deicers and bagged rock salt, talk to us first. We can answer your questions and can provide you with the quantities of bagged salt you need either in individual units or by the pallet at a greatly reduced cost.

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