Calcium Chloride

Well, not exactly, at least at the ice and snow management world.  A number of our customers want to know which sort of ice-melting products are best.

You may have read about different kinds of salt: Calcium chloride and sodium chloride are the two biggies for melting ice.  But what does this mean to your commercial property here in the Midwest?  What’s the best ice melting product to use in each circumstance?

There is a nationally ice deficit heading into this winter, and that will affect how you prepare your premises.  But we know that security is the first priority for our house managers—that’s the entire purpose of employing a snow contractor, to guarantee that the grounds don’t pose a hazard during inclement weather.  That’s why the sort of salt used in your house matters more.

We hope this report will give you the knowledge to ask informed questions of your snow and ice management company so that you can make certain that your property remains safe this winter and utilizes the very best ice melt product.


Choosing The Best Ice Melt Product: Calcium Chloride vs. Sodium Chloride

Sodium chloride is majority, natural rock salt that’s mined and applied onto sidewalk using truck-mounted spreaders.  Sodium chloride is a sterile solution, and the perfect temperature for use is 1 F or warmer.  Rock salt is activated by moisture, so when temperatures fall below that threshold, the product is ineffective.


Calcium chloride is a liquid substance that’s sprayed on pavement and may be used at temperatures as low as -1 F (and it may melt down to -2 F).  Calcium chloride gets very hot, very quickly  For a brief time period.  Its an immediate melting solution, but it doesn’t offer a long-term melt.

When it activates, it proceeds to melt ice for a longer time period than calcium chloride.   Rock salt can take around 25 minutes to melt snow in 2F conditions.  Calcium chloride functions instantly.

Companies use rock salt constantly in snow and ice management program due to its long-acting character.

Having said that, we like to pre-treat bulk rock salt in our center with calcium chloride to boost its melting capabilities and enhance the efficiency of the item.  We can use 50 percent less rock salt and do the identical ice-removal job once we pretreat mass salt with calcium chloride.

Your commercial property may require the use of calcium chloride in certain locations, such as north-facing expanses of pavement.  The ground will remain cooler due to less exposure to sun, therefore calcium chloride will do a much better job of melting these chilly spaces.

Apart from use in low temperatures, calcium chloride can also be perfect for pretreating pavement before a snow event.  The product creates a barrier so that snow can be more easily plowed without snow pack.   We can use less ice-melting merchandise to receive bare sidewalk after plowing is completed.

“Calcium chloride vs sodium chloride?” can be a vexing question for land managers, but we find that by using a blend of salt products available on the current market, we can maintain everything safely during even the most severe storm conditions.

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