Bulk Road Salt Suppliers

If you’re looking for bulk road salt suppliers you have come to the right place. Our company knows all of the ins and outs regarding road salt and offer it in bulk quantities at reasonable prices. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality road salt to businesses and individuals that expect the product to work well. We have the expertise in the business to find the best road salt that your business needs to keep your edge over the competition.

Our rock salt comes with a coursed texture in bulk bags and is available in large quantities. It is the most commonly used product for deicing and is also the cheapest option available. This salt can be found in different areas throughout the world so there’s always enough supply available to meet the demand. Because it is so amply available, the prices remain reasonable.

Another type of road salt that is commonly used across the northern states is a salt made with calcium chloride. This salt solution works faster than the rock salt alternative and for that reason may be preferred by a lot of customers. It’s important for you as a snow removal and deicing company to offer the products that your clients need and want the most.

A calcium chloride deicer is not as corrosive as rock salt and can handle deicing situations in colder weather than regular rock salt. While rock salt has the ability to work down to 10°F, the brine is effective in temperatures that reach -13°F. This gives calcium chloride a huge advantage over its rock salt competitor in areas where ice commonly forms in colder conditions.

While the calcium chloride solution is a costlier deicer for road conditions you won’t need to use as much to achieve the same effect as you would with rock salt. This brine is also environmentally-friendly and doesn’t leave any residue on the streets.

When you’re looking for traditional rock salt, however, be sure to search for premium salt that comes with a reputation for effective deicing. This salt should work quickly and completely clear surfaces without a problem. Your customers are not going to want to wait around for the ice and snow to melt for very long and expect fast results. When you order premium salt that is effective and efficient you’ll be able to maintain a large list of satisfied customers.

Call us for more information about our premium rock salt, which is available in bulk quantities or in bags, so that you can keep up with your supply and demand. If you have any questions at all about our pricing plans or the different types of deicers that we carry, please contact us today. We’ll answer your questions quickly so that you can make an informed decision regarding the bulk road salt supplier you’d like to work with this year.


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