Bulk Rock Salt Prices Per Ton, and Why They Matter

Bulk Rock Salt Prices Per Ton, and Why They Matter

Whenever the weather cools off, usually in the late spring or early fall, rock salt wholesalers are often inundated by calls from individuals, businesses, and governments that are making a savvy move. They are trying to price their rock salt in advance of the winter, when rock salt prices per ton and by other weights are usually lower than they are in the middle of winter, when this product is in short supply and high demand. By buying their rock salt before the winter starts, bringing its snow and ice along with it, they know they can save money. It is an ingeniously smart move.

The bulk rock salt prices by the ton you will be quoted depends on your wholesaler, whether you are getting rock salt with any additives, and where you live. Prices of rock salt vary around the country and by vendor, and can sometimes even vary widely within one region. That is why it is important to interview several different rock salt vendors before deciding on the one you will use to get your salt. Even if you used a wholesaler last year, don’t assume they will have the same prices or customer service policies as last year. Interview them again this year, to make sure you are still getting the best salt at the best price. Any savvy, smart shopper knows this, and makes it a yearly habit, before it starts snowing in their area.

The average bulk rock salt prices per ton in the country range between $6 and $7 per 50 lb bag. Since there are 2,000 pounds in a ton, this makes the average price per ton between $240.00 and $280.00 When you are using a significant amount of rock salt per winter, this price is usually not too bad, and quite manageable for those who are used to paying for large salt orders. If this is a surprise to you, or not within your budget, then you should consider saving up for it over the course of the year, so you will have the money to buy rock salt in bulk during the late spring or early fall, or re-arrange your business plans so that you only need to buy smaller amounts at a time. Knowing the price per ton in advance means you can adjust your business plans and budget accordingly, so you can always have the amount of salt you need, when you need it, at prices your business can afford.

You may not always need rock salt in tons during the winter, but it is a good measurement to go by, because it gives you an idea of what the prices of rock salt are going to be in smaller amounts around the country, and, more particularly, in your area. Just remember, pure rock salt is cheaper, and usually best, and always interview at least three or four distributors before buying. This way, you will have the rock salt you need that is superior in both price and quality, when you need it most. See our bulk rock salt prices 

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