Recently, a lot of people began to use block salt more than table salt. A bag of table salt normally weighs about 25kg when block salt weighs far less, about 4kg, based on what you purchased from your trusted online salt providers.

Commercial customers and individual householders have discovered that block salt can be used as softeners for dishwashers or washing machines and also an economic choice when compared to other dishwasher solutions. You can keep your water softening system in order with just a block of salt and your customers or family has access to softened water.


What salt blocks are important!

There are many advantages in using block salt apart from it being used as a softener. These benefits include:

  • Easy to load, carry and store
  • Available in different grades
  • A good food grade, as they contain no anti-caking agent and can be used for cooking or baking
  • A lot less hassle than using loose salt
  • Very compact light in weight and easy to use

Why use bulk rock salt?

New reports have shown that many commercial detergents contain a lot of chemicals that can pose a threat the skin and environment. Some washing powders, softeners and solutions are not budget friendly when we compare them to block salt.

Block salt is a non-biological, natural product that does not cause any reaction on our skin or cause harm to our society. It whitens materials better bleach, whiteners or cloth softeners. A lot of people do not know that block salt does not contain phosphate or any artificial material, making it safe for use.


Get in touch with reputable suppliers

If you need blocks of salt, contact a trusted supplier like Rock Salt growth USA. We are well known for the provision of salt products at very affordable prices. If you cannot find the product you are in need of, kindly give us a call or send us an email and we will be glad to be of help. As experts, we provide quality products and superb customer service, which is hard to beat when you buy blocks of salt.

When ordering your salt products in bulk; let Rock Salt US help you with that.

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