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Bulk salt is a less expensive and effective product used for melting snow and ice on pathways, highways, parking lots, and bridges. It is a trusted recommendation for winter road deicing.

At Rock Salt USA, we are one of the best companies in the USA that is committed to the refining and distribution of the rock salt to municipalities, private commercial businesses and government agencies across the country. Anti-caking chemical is added to it to prevent melting and clumping. It is recommended by winter maintenance deicing programs and does not need much clean up before the spring season.

Bulk White is a cost-effective, reliable ice-melter that can withstand every kind of cold climatic conditions. Bulk salt does not only melt ice and snow; it is also used in icemakers and coolers to chill drinks and foods quickly.

Bulk salt:

  • Should not be mixed with sand or gravel
  • Should be stored dry and kept away from moisture
  • Is less expensive, effective and easy to use
  • Should only be mixed with a mineral deicer if need be
  • Is best used as it comes from your supplier

Bulk salt can also:

  • Be ordered online
  • Be delivered in bulk, pallets or IBC
  • Be packaged in branded bags at source

If the temperature reduces and ice begins to form on the roads, driving can be a very dangerous sport. Same way people trekking are at risk because the pathways and car parks are also covered in ice.

Rock Salt USA is a very reliable supplier of rock salt to meet the need of it numerous customers. As a very popular rock salt supplier, Rock salt USA understands that the mineral is highly demanded by their customers during the cold weather. They make sure this mineral is available for their customers when the cold weather comes.

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