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In search of a calcium chloride wholesaler? Calcium chloride is one of the best ice melters out there, and it also has countless other applications for maintaining unpaved roads and driveways year-round. Compared to rock salt, calcium chloride isn’t as harsh on plants as most other options out there when it comes time to melt off the ice. Plus, calcium chloride is able to work down to extremely low temperatures.

While rock salt and some other products will only melt ice down to 5 degrees F, calcium chloride is capable of melting ice down to -25 degrees F. This makes it a very effective product for countless regions around the world, and since it’s been in use for more than 75 years, there’s really no wonder about its effectiveness. It’s a reliable product that’s also quite versatile and affordable, and that’s why countless homeowners (and official departments) turn to it every year.

Businesses also love calcium chloride thanks to its reliability. However, it’s not always easy to find. If you’re a business and you’re thinking about stocking up on calcium chloride for the coming winter season, you’re out of luck buying from the local store. Even with some sort of bulk discount, most retailers will charge far too much for their small <100-pound bags that would quickly be used up on your commercial property.

Obviously, these retailers cater to homeowners who maybe only have a driveway and perhaps a walkway or porch that they need to scarcely sprinkle some ice melt on. On the other hand, you may have an entire parking lot and even multiple walkways that you need to keep clear day-in and day-out, seven days a week.

Since ice melt plays a big role in keeping your business’ property presentable and safe in the cold season, it’s important that you locate a calcium chloride wholesaler who’s willing and able to work with you to get you the best price. It’s also important that they have a huge supply of it, to make sure that you don’t run out when you need it the most.

With liability being a huge concern for your business, especially with the ice thickening, choosing a product like calcium chloride is an essential step in securing your property’s safety and also making sure that every guests who stops by all throughout the winter season arrives without issue or delay. Keeping your parking lots clean and clear isn’t just something that will keep you safe from slips and falls, it will also remind your guests that you care.

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