Cheap Rock Salt

Because of this, these people must make a last-minute flair to a huge box landscaping and home improvement store like Lowes or Home Depot so as to pick up some rock salt until the weather turns extremely bad.


What these individuals don’t understand is that this isn’t at all in their best interest.  By limiting your choices to the small stock of rock salt from Lowes, by way of instance, you could wind up getting an inferior item, an ice melt which doesn’t meet your precise requirements, or overspending.


The cleverest property owners plan ahead and buy from a company that can provide a broad assortment of ice melting products for low, wholesale prices.

We have decided to dive into some of the issues related to purchasing rock salt from Lowes and Home Depot, and the best way to make a better choice as you buy your ice melt this winter.


The Problems With Buying Rock Salt from Lowes & Home Depot

Because chain retailers such as Lowes and Home Depot have become household names across the country, lots of individuals have come to feel that they’re the best sources for their landscaping and home improvement needs.


Upon further inspection, however, its apparent that there are a few flaws related to these stores.  Some of the bigger problems you may experience when purchasing rock salt from Lowes or Home Depot: comprise.


Minimal Options

In several instances, you’ll find that the bigger retail stores could have a large number of rock salt to market, but that the many kinds of available products are really very limited.  These stores focus on some of the leading brands rather than offering customers the choice of different brands and product purposes.


Deficiency of Knowledge

Because nationwide chain shops are so big, they frequently need a large staff.  So as to keep labor costs down, you’ll notice that several of these retailers employ individuals who aren’t very knowledgeable about the goods that they are selling.  This means that, should you have a question about the ice melting product that you’re planning to buy, you might receive incorrect information regarding the material, or you might not have the ability to have any information or answers in any respect.


Rock Salt Higher Prices

Because so many individuals rely on chain stores for rock salt, these shops generally have higher costs than other places.


Greater Likelihood of Shortages Due to the fact that a range of home and business owners rely on major retailers such as Lowes and Home Depot, these shops often find a spike in business whenever the temperatures begin to drop.  Because so many individuals are rushing out to buy rock salt at precisely the exact same time, these big box retailers are more likely to sell from ice melting products prior to smaller, local providers.  Because of this, you might not have the ability to buy rock salt in your moment of need.


The vast majority of big box stores don’t provide this sort of service.  This means that if your house needs a bulk order of ice melting materials, you’ll either have to hire a third party service to transfer it from the shop to you, or hire a truck to do this by yourself.  Either way is inconvenient and expensive.


Local providers are concentrated on and passionate about the business, and are therefore the most qualified to assist clients make a decision about which kind of rock salt or ice melt will best suit their requirements.


On top of that, when you opt to purchase locally, you’re supporting your own regional market.


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