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When the objective is keeping sidewalks safe under all conditions, it pays to know the cheapest effective temperature for various ice melters and pick one that’s capable of the coldest temperatures you’re likely to experience.  Calcium chloride stands apart from other choices, keeping ice melting down power to -2F (-3C).   See the graph below for comparisons.


While horizontal or crystal-shaped ice melters distribute across the surface of ice because they dissolve, effectively diluting their influence on the ice, PELADO Calcium Chloride Pellets have a compact, round shape that concentrates melting action on a concentrated region of ice surface.  By focusing contact, the substance bores through ice up to 3 times faster than other ice melters, allowing the calcium chloride to more quickly penetrate and break ices bond with underlying pavement.  This is an essential advantage anytime and especially if temperatures fall in the wake of significant winter storms which can deposit large accumulations of ice and packed snow that has to be mechanically removed.


When the melt volume capacity of industrial ice melter products was compared in the first 20 minutes following application at 2F (-C), a few Calcium Chloride Pellets supplied twice more ice melting capacity than rock salt, three times greater than magnesium chloride, three times greater than urea, and seven times greater than potassium chloride.


Any deicer might be detrimental to plant, but when used as directed, SnoMel won’t damage trees, shrubs, flower beds or bud.  SnoMel will not chemically or physically assault concrete.   The application of SnoMel results at the lowest accumulation of chloride in contrast to other commercial deicer solutions.


Quickly removing ice from walkways, driveways and decks prevents slip-and-fall injuries which can cause severe injury.  The issue with the majority of ice melters, however, is they’re formulated with compounds harmful to pets and children when ingested or brought in contact with their skin.  They also damage drives, kill vegetation and damage flooring when tracked into the home.


Safe Paw is your solution.  It’s a break-through ice melter that’s both safe to use, works fast and gets the work done at much colder temperatures than many ice melting products.


The ice-melting advantages of products containing salt are outweighed by the fact that they are radicals that can cause skin burns and blistering in addition to irritation to the throat and mouth and stomach upset.   It’s totally non-toxic and does not lead to irritation.

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