When You Want To Buy Pallets Of Rock Salt Ask These Questions

Before you go and order your pallets of rock salt for the coming winter you need to ask yourself a number of questions to be certain that you are doing the right thing. Here are the questions that you should consider:

What are the Precipitation Levels likely to be where I live?

The amount of precipitation in your area is important to know before you buy your pallets of rock salt. The precipitation is normally pretty high in the North Eastern states which is why they will often see a lot of snow and sleet which has the capacity to turn into ice. You can research this online pretty easily.

What are the Lowest Temperatures likely to be in my area?

You need to find out what the previous low winter temperatures were in your region so that you can decide whether pallets of rock salt are the best option, or if you need to go for another product that works at lower temperatures. Again you can find this information pretty easily online.

What quantity of Rock Salt will I need?

You do not want to order too little rock salt or far too much. Decide on what areas of your home and surroundings that you will want to treat for ice. Do you intend to just treat your driveway or extend out to the sidewalk as well?

Measure the length and width of the areas that you want to treat and then calculate the total square feet. This is just a matter of multiplying the length by the width. Then you can use our online calculator here to find out how much rock salt (in pounds) you need to treat all areas effectively. You can then determine how many pallets of rock salt you require.

How much will my Pallets of Rock Salt cost?

You will find that prices of rock salt vary quite a lot. This depends on what supplier you purchase your pallets of rock salt from and chemical makeup and specific capabilities of the product you want to purchase.

It is always going to be more economical for you to purchase in bulk (a pallet load) than it will be purchasing individual bags. The lowest prices are usually going to be found at rock salt suppliers such as Rock Salt USA rather than what you would pay at stores in your area.

Who should I buy my Pallets of Rock Salt from?

We have already touched on this but we highly recommend that you choose a rock salt supplier that can deliver to you such as Rock Salt USA. Your local stores are not geared up to sell rock salt by the pallet. They want to sell individual bags to people all throughout the winter.

If you were to find a store that would sell you rock salt in bulk then it is going to be significantly more expensive compared to a rock salt supplier. Stores will probably have purchased their rock salt bags from a rock salt supplier so they will add their margin on top.

It is not always best to go with the cheapest price for your pallets of rock salt. Go for a supplier that is an expert in the ice melting field and can advise you on the best product for your location. A bag of rock salt from one supplier will be different to one from another in terms of effectiveness etc.

How will I get my Pallets of Rock Salt home?

Unless you have a very large vehicle then you should find a rock salt supplier that will deliver the pallets to you. A pallet of rock salt will be very heavy so you do not want to tackle this yourself.

Do I have an appropriate place to store my Rock Salt?

You will require a suitable place to store your rock salt before the winter comes. Obviously the area needs to be large enough to store the pallets of rock salt. Do not place your rock salt directly onto a floor as you run the risk of moisture setting in. Choose an area that will not become too cold (above freezing) as you do not want your rock salt to clump.

We can provide you with pallets of rock salt that are very high quality and meet all of your ice melting needs. Take a look at our product range here and please contact us if you have any questions.


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