Halite – The multipurpose rock salt

Halite is commonly known as the Himalayan Salt. It is made from different mineral combinations and comes with exceptional healing powers. The word Halite comes from the combination of two Greek words Halos and Lithos, which means salt, sea, and rock. Apart from having superb healing powers, this rock salt can be used for various other purposes as well.

  1. Natural mineral combination

Human body needs different salts to function properly and this particular rock salt, being a combination of 84 different salts, can surely be regarded as the best mineral combination. This rock salt consists of sodium, magnesium, iron, calcium, chloride, potassium and phosphorous. Apart from all these minerals that are really necessary for human body to survive, you can also find traces of minerals like boron, manganese, copper, zinc, selenium, iodine, and fluoride, etc.

  1. Purifies Air

This salt can certainly reduce pollution from the air. It can attract the pollutant and then neutralize them, thus resulting in fresh air without any dust or pollution. For those who have problems of asthma, hay fever, allergies, or mold, this salt can be helpful.

  1. Aura cleanser

If you are looking for a natural scrub for your body, Himalayan Salt is the best that you can get. Once you use this salt to scrub your skin, you can rest assured that you will certainly have the best results.

  1. Protection from any kind of negativity

Similar to its use as an energetic scrub, this salt can also be used as a protection against negativity. What you need to do is spread the salt around your house, but in a grid pattern which can certainly create a positive energy around your home.

  1. Crystal purification

Himalayan salt also comes with purification properties as well. If you keep all your gemstones and crystals in a bowl and add salt to it, it can certainly reduce all the impurities and negative energy accumulated over the time.

  1. EMF Neutralizer

Himalayan salt is a great neutralizer. Normally, you will see people using large Salt Lamp in order keep the indoor atmosphere fresh and free from any kind of pollutant. It can also protect you from electromagnetic emissions which can be really harmful.

  1. Aesthetic beauty

Whether you love to use salt candle holders or salt lamps, it is certainly going to provide you with a romantic and calm atmosphere.  The pink salt can also be used as home décor element to enhance the look of your room.

  1. Bath salt

If you have a habit to use bath salts, then halite can be a perfect replacement for that. All you need to do is add rose water, essential oils, and flower petals to a cup of salt and add the mixture to the warm bath water. This mixture can truly prove to be revitalizing and relaxing.

  1. Emotional healing

In case you are feeling low due to some emotional attachments, then halite can certainly help you uplift your emotional state.

There are just some of the benefits that you can enjoy if you are ready to start using halite salt in your day to day life.

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