How Liquid Magnesium Chloride Helps in The Treatment Of The Roads

Magnesium Chloride:

Magnesium Chloride has a tendency to absorb moisture from the air. It is also considered to be a deliquescent compound that tends to attract moisture from the atmosphere in addition to resisting evaporation. Magnesium chloride helps in binding the fine particles of dust and thus, keeps the roads stabilized. In this way, one can reduce the cost of maintenance of the roads as well as slow the losses of aggregate.

  • What is liquid magnesium chloride used for?

Through the use of liquid magnesium chloride, one can taper off erosion, and make it possible for unpaved surfaces to harden and become more compact, so as to reduce the surface from turning into uneven or developing more potholes. This makes the surface better for transport and more even.

Magnesium chloride is offered in about 33% liquid form and is preferred environmentally. It is used in wetland areas and sensitive watersheds. It is also used in areas where the workers want therapeutic effects of the natural compound from the Dead Sea as well as the Great Salt Lake.

It helps in the better and faster dissolving of the dust particles.

Liquid magnesium chloride is ideal for the purpose of anti-icing – treatment of the surfaces before the winter period. By doing this, one can create a brine when the snow and frost fall.

  • The use of liquid magnesium chloride in the process of Anti-icing of roads.

Through this anti-icing process, one can melt centimeters worth of snow. This is a time-efficient process as it allows the mechanical clearing to become easier as linking of the snow and frost to the road is reduced significantly.

  • The use of liquid magnesium chloride in the process of Pre-wetting in Winter.

Liquid magnesium chloride is used to pre-wet products that are dry or present in solid form. Examples of dry products are sand, rock salt, etc. Liquid Magnesium Chloride is applied to these products to boost their level of performance. When this added moisture is sprayed onto the dry material, it will garner a lot of benefits. There will be the use of less amount of material, but the performance will be similar.

This moist salt settles onto the surface, and the supposed scatter from the lot is diminished. This, in turn, saves a lot of money that would otherwise be wasted on the cost of the material. In addition to the reduction in cost, this process is also environmentally friendly as there is the usage of lesser material on the roads.

Liquid magnesium chloride activities the process of brining of salt, therefore there is a rise in the temperature thus, improving the overall performance. As there is a lesser use of the material, the job will be done at a lesser temperature rather than using straight salt in the process without pre-wetting it beforehand. Liquid Magnesium Chloride is sprayed directly in the direction of the spinner right before the salt is scattered on the surface that is used for the purpose of treatment in the whole process of pre-wetting.

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