How to Prevent Accidents during Winter.

During winter, some accidents happen that could have been prevented in the first place. We hear about cars skidding off the road and people breaking bones from a fall on the sidewalk. These are just some common accidents that happen during winter, and homeowners and businesses should take advantage of the best resource to reduce such incidents: rock salt!

One of the most effective ways to prevent accidents during winter is to apply rock salt and other ice-melting products to surfaces on your property .

Where are the best places to apply bagged rock salt?

Walkways, Driveways, and Parking Lots

Although rock salt can be used for other purposes like killing weeds, most people use it during winter to melt ice. Sidewalks are good places to apply rock salt. Buying bagged rock salt to maintain sidewalks can greatly improve foot traction and ensure an injury-free walk. Using rock salt on parking lots and driveways also helps improve traction for cars.

Campuses and Universities

Many of our campuses are not spared during the winter, as most of the landscape is covered with ice. To make sure students have better experiences on campuses, bulk rock ice is used to clear away snow and ice on their roads.

Who Can Use Rock Salt?

Everybody can use rock salt. In fact, during the winter rock salt is a common item found in homes.  Some people, especially homeowners or small business owners with small spaces, keep a large stock of bagged rock salt, while some larger businesses stockpile bulk rock salt for the winter.

When to Use Rock Salt?

You can apply rock salt before and during snowfall. At times it’s good to apply rock salt to where it is most needed before the snow falls to melt the snow before it solidifies and keep it from gathering in heaps. Applying rock salt while snow is falling can have the same result.

Rock salt can also be used when the snow has stopped falling. Some people actually wait for the snow to stop before they apply their rock salt. To make clearing of the snow and ice easier, it is better to spread the rock salt on ice and wait to see its effect on the ice. In just some few minutes, you will see the ice breaking and melting.

With winter fast approaching, the best way to get prepared for any harsh winter weather condition is to have some bags of rock salt on hand.

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