Ice Ban

Ice Ban is considered to be a form of natural liquid deicer which is created by the way of combining a high quality of winter grade magnesium chloride along with a corn-based inhibitor as well as a freeze point suppressor. Ice Ban is known to be an enhanced liquid deicer which provides an increased as well as efficient deicing and anti-icing performance at a very low temperature on all kinds of paved surfaces. Considered to be an ideal performer for the winters, ice ban today has been made available in a number of brands and the same is being used as an effective liquid deicer in all the places where there exist high chances of snow fall.

Ice Ban is usually applied directly on to the road surface. It is also being used as a pre-wetting agent for all kinds of granular materials.


Properties of Ice Ban:

Ice ban happens to be a natural liquid concentrate residue from wet milling of the corn as well as the production of alcohol. Ice Ban is considered to be non-toxic and environmental friendly, posing no harm to vegetation. At the same time, it is also known to be delivering some of the most valuable nutrients to the soil, thereby enhancing the growth of the existing vegetation. Ice Ban is further considered to be less corrosive on the metals if compared to other agents of melting the ice. Ice ban is even considered to be less corrosive than water. This substance freezes at a temperature lower than many other ice melters and contain more number of molecules in order to have a potential to melt more amount of ice.


Composition of Ice Ban:

Ice ban is manufactured and produced under different brands and by different industries and hence the composition of this agent varies from one company to the other. However, on the whole any ice ban agent is comprised of magnesium chloride, 30 percent of calcium chloride as well as 26 percent of sodium chloride.


Advantages of Ice Ban:

Ice ban has a number of advantages. Below listed are a few of them:

  1. Ice Ban tends to energize the winter maintenance program by the way of melting ice in great proportions.
  2. Ice Ban comes with a low eutectic point which extends up to -76 degree F only.
  3. It acts as a high performing deicer with a high melting action and hence a proven performer of melting the ice when required.
  4. Ice ban is less corrosive in nature.
  5. It has the lowest negative impact on to the environment and comes eco-friendly in most of the cases.
  6. It is very safe to use on the roads for the motoring public and accessibility.


Where is Ice Ban used?

The following are the important uses of ice ban:

  • Ice ban is used on all kinds of hills, curves as well as dangerous intersection and in the city streets and highways for snow and ice fighting programs. It is also taken into use in the parking lots and sidewalks and to treat kinds of extreme weather conditions.
  • Ice Ban is used as an important anti-icing and de-icing agent.
  • It is also used in the treatment of stockpile.

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