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ICE BAN has been a well-known name in the world of anti-icing and deicers. It’s a product of magnesium chloride and if you compare its performance, this product can deliver effective performance in comparison to the other deicers. Overall, there are 3 different types or categories of ICE BAN available in the market. All three of them are quality products but they can be used for different purposes.


This type of ICE BAN is completely environment friendly and can provide you ultimate performance. It’s a corrosion inhibitor that has a low BOD value. If you wish to stop the algae blooms and eutrophication in certain sensitive areas like waterways, watersheds, reservoirs, then the ICE BAN 300 can be of great use. And the best part of using this product is that it does not affect the environment at all. Due to the fact that it stays in liquid form even at a temperature of –67° F, this product can be used in critical situations without troubling your system. If you wish to use ICE BAN 300 as deicer and anti-icer, it can provide you with great result as well without any stain, or bad odor. If you are looking to provide anti-icing service, then you can rest assured that it will help you in the long run and will help you provide an environment friendly service as well.


ICE BAN 250 first came to the market as a revolution to the organic inhibitor. It’s basically a formula that is designed to help you fight against all sorts of snow and ice situations. It’s a combination of IB 200 and magnesium chloride in 50/50 ratio. IB 250 is a very good inhibitor that can provide amazing results as a liquid pre-wetter, stockpile treatment, and direct spray. It has a lower corrosion value than the distilled water or if you compare it with the sodium chloride, it has a 113% less corrosion value. Overall, this is an excellent corrosion inhibitor which is not only naturally derived but also has a very low eutectic point of –25° F which makes IB 250 stand out in its field.


ICE BAN 200 is an improvement on the ICE BAN 250 that meets the standards set by PNS association. When combined with magnesium chloride, it becomes a golden liquid that has a eutectic point of –78° F. It provides corrosion inhibition and is designed to combat all types of snow conditions. If you compare with sodium chloride, it is 91% less corrosive in nature and can be used in stockpile treatment, direct spray or pre-wet liquid. Overall, if you are looking for a product that can provide you with great performance and that too, in an economical value, then there isn’t any option better than IB 200 as it sets the standards in the liquid anti-icing or deicer field.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose your type of ICE BAN today and rest assured that you will be able to deliver quality work.

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