Rock Salt Basics – Safety Salts for Winter

While many homes are preparing for winter, it’s important to remember that this is the time when people slip and fall, drivers are careful to avoid skidding off the road, and many buildings and playgrounds are covered with ice and snow, making it almost impossible to have fun outside.

Winter is always a very challenging season for many residents, especially those living in northeastern states. To reduce winter accidents, be sure to apply rock salt on your properties.

Rock salt is vital for melting the ice and snow that covers the street. When you apply rock salt on ice-prone areas, it prevents ice and snow from accumulating and becoming dangerous.

How to Get Started with Your Rock Salt 

To get prepared this year, you first need to know the amount of rock salt that will suit your property. Are you buying in bulk, or you want to order your rock salt in bags? If you have small property and you want to keep it safe from winter accidents, it’s advisable to go for bagged rock salt as that will be enough to last you the season.

If you have large property, like a government building or large parking lot, you might want to order bulk rock salt.

Before you order, you need to know how much space your property occupies. This can be a bit tricky to calculate, which is why it is important to speak with a rock salt expert to get your property measured according to their specifications. This ensures that your order will be sufficient to cover your property throughout the season.

Also, know that most US manufacturers measure their bagged or bulk rock salt per square foot. Make sure you buy enough bags to adequately cover your properties throughout the season.

It is also important to order your rock salt on time. Do not wait until the snow starts falling to you schedule your order. One thing experts will tell you is that when you order your rock salt on time, you not only get the peace of mind that your product will be delivered on time before icy weather begins, but you also won’t have to deal with rock salt shortages during harsh weather conditions.

Knowing the right time to spread your rock salt is also one key point to note. Do you prefer to apply your rock salt when the snow is falling or after the snow has fallen?  Either of these options are good, as both will reduce the amount of ice and snow where applied.

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