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Whether you are looking for pallets of rock salt during the winter or the summer, we can supply you with everything you need. Proper road, parking lot, driveway, sidewalk and pathway maintenance plays an essential role in keeping our community safe. Our mission is to supply you with the best quality salt at the best possible price to help make this happen.

If you are stockpiling your salt during the summer for the upcoming winter learn more about our bulk pricing for larger quantities. Once the winter hits it can come in with quite a bang so you’ll want to be prepared for anything. As well, it’s really hit and miss as far as weather forecasting goes to know exactly when the first storm will start brewing and you’ll need to start using rock salt to keep the surfaces clear.

Don’t get in a situation where a large storm hits and you find yourself low on rock salt. You’ll have to scramble to get a new supply and you can rest assured that other companies will be doing the same. Always ensure that your salt supply is adequate for major storm situations.

Rock salt can be safely stored during the summer as long as it is kept in a water-resistant and moisture-free environment inside an enclosed structure. Water and salt don’t mix well in a storage situation so you’ll need to make sure that your pallets of rock salt won’t be in contact with any type of water at all. Make sure that any repairs necessary are performed on the enclosure before making your stockpile for the winter.

Enjoy the peace of mind of getting your salt early so that you can be ready for the temperature changes once they arrive. You’ll avoid any wait times due to the large demand for salt when the storms begin to appear and will not be subject to any negative customer complaints due to ineffective services on your part. Having a large stock pile is always great for business and can take a lot of stress off of a contractor that knows his clients are always expecting clear roadways, paths etc. that are completely ice-free.

If you have any questions at all about summer storage for pallets of salt please feel free to contact us at any time. If you need salt during the winter we will make sure that you receive it on a rush basis so that you can complete your contracts as required. We are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction for all of our clients and look forward to doing business with you in the near future.

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