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Looking to keep your pooch safe as deicing products again become the norm as winter season comes upon us? While many ice melts tout themselves as “pet-safe”, the truth is, you nor your dog should be coming into direct contact with any of them! Although it is worth the investment to get something like CMA, which is best for plants and pets when used in moderation, you should still take some precautionary measures to keep you and your dog safe during this cold season.

First and foremost, be sure that you follow the directions on the package. Overusing ice melt can cause harm to plants and it can also leave a lot of excess for your pet’s paws to find. Once ice is melted, you should always go out and scoop up the ice melt and dispose of it. While many types are biodegradable, if allowed to continuously pile up in your walkways and on your porch, you’re increasing the risk of it being tracked in or found by your pet.

When you do take your dog outside, be sure that you protect their feet. Ice melt isn’t supposed to come into contact with your skin or theirs, so it’s important that you wear gloves and boots when putting it out. When your dog goes on a walk or out to use the bathroom, get them some winter booties to cover their feet and ensure that they don’t walk directly onto the deicing products that you have laid down.

When you go to shovel your driveway or other areas that have had deicing products applied to them, be certain that you have first scooped up the deicer. Any salty slush or snow should not be shoveled into your yard where it can harm your pets or plants, but instead scraped out to the road where it can be drained away.

Finally, in order to keep your pets and plants safe, always try to use preventative measures. Investing in a covered driveway or porch can keep snow off of it all together. Putting up a windscreen can prevent big gusts from bringing snow, or extra snow, by entrances as well. Applying ice melt before and during storms will prevent you from having to overuse it last minute too, which is better for everyone (including your wallet).

All in all, be sure that you take your time selecting the right deicing products for your home and that you follow the steps necessary to keep your household in good, healthy condition.

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