Every winter, countless Americans slip on ice and take serious spills. In many cases, these falls result in fractures, broken bones, and other severe injuries. Additionally, depending on the force of the fall and the age of the victim, ice-related falls can result in death or permanent handicap. For this reason, it is essential that landlords stock up on rock salt prior to the start winter. As you’ll find, doing so can be highly beneficial to the personal safety of you and your residents.  child walking in snow

  1. Ensuring Resident Safety

Residents depend on their landlords to guarantee their safety while at home. If someone pays you rent, you’re obligated to make their residence as safe as possible. Failing to stock up on wholesale ice melt and minimize icy conditions in your parking lot constitutes a flagrant breach of this understanding.

  1. Protection Against Lawsuits

If someone suffers a serious fall in a parking lot that you own, you’re liable to find yourself on the receiving end of a costly lawsuit. Furthermore, if it’s found that you took no action to minimize the danger of slippage, it’s practically a given that you’ll be forced to pay up.

  1. Protecting Your Reputation

Thanks to the Internet, word of mouth now spreads faster than ever. If it’s revealed that your negligence resulted in people being injured, the reputation of your residential building is sure to suffer. A little bit of rock salt can truly go a long way in protecting your reputation.

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