Tips for Buying Safe Rock Salt In Davenport

Did you know that there are different types of rock salt for different uses? Some rock salts are specially-made for homeowners and people with smaller spaces or properties. There are also rock salts made for large companies and corporations. The main difference between these two is the packaging. While rock salt for homeowners is packaged in bags, rock salt for larger areas must be specially-ordered in bulk.

These two forms of rock salt are both used to de-ice properties during winter. During winter periods, accidents happen, like slipping and falling on sidewalks and driveways or sliding out of your lane while driving. Applying rock salt to your properties helps avoid such accidents.

If you are hoping to get the best rock salt product this winter, here are some tips to get the best supplier and have them deliver your rock salt on time.

The first thing you need to do if you really want to avoid winter slip-and-fall accidents is to research rock salt manufacturers in your area. There are several reasons to do this:

  • When you consult rock salt experts, they are in the best position to tell you the type of rock salt to buy. Depending on the size of your property, they will advise you to buy bagged rock salt or purchase bulk rock salt.
  • Contacting a manufacturer before you order your product will get first-hand information about the amount of rock salt that will be adequate to carry you through the winter season.

Get someone to measure your property so know its square footage. Most rock salt manufacturer package their products in kilograms per square foot, so knowing the accurate square footage of your sidewalk, driveways or parking lot will make certain that you get the correct number of bags to get you through the winter.

You need to decide if you will do the spreading yourself. At times it is good to employ the service of ice spreader if you have them in your area. They can help you to mix and spread the rock salt on your property. If you are a big company with a large space, doing it yourself might not be the best option. In this case, you can employ the service of professional spreaders to help you spread the product on your property.

The last piece of information that will help you stay ahead of winter accidents: make sure you order your product on time. Do not wait until the snow and ice are already falling. You see, there are many late shoppers who wait until the weather is harsh before ordering rock salt, and most of the time, manufacturers already have their hands full with orders and might not be able to deliver the product when you need it.

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