Top 5 uses of calcium chloride

Top 5 uses of calcium chloride


Calcium chloride is one of the most common salts that are in use today. Due to its versatility and flexibility, calcium chloride is widely used for commercial, residential and industrial purposes today. In this article, we will take you through to the top 5 uses or calcium chloride in today’s world.

  1. For melting ice

One of the most important uses of calcium chloride is to melt ice that forms on the road during the harsh winters. This salt is used in many forms – flakes, powder, crystals, and liquid for de-icing purposes. Snow and ice removal is done easily with calcium chloride. This is because, when it is mixed with water, it generates heat, which melts ice and snow without great difficulties. This is why many professional anti-icing companies use calcium chloride based materials to get rid of ice, snow, and dust on the pavements and roads.

  1. Medical purposes

You might already know that calcium chloride is widely used in the field of medicine to treat various physical and mental ailments. Depression, drug overdose, chemical poisoning, stings and bites from insects, inflammation due to acid burns, etc. are some of the common ailments that calcium chloride injections treat. In some cases, it is also used to treat a patient who has undergone open heart surgery, especially, when the usual epinephrine doesn’t work.

  1. Improving water quality in swimming pools

If you want to protect your swimming pool and keep its concrete intact, you need to improve the hardness of the water in it. Calcium chloride is one of the most common components that are used to treat swimming pools. When you add this to water,  you are increasing the calcium content of the water and making it hard enough to keep your pool safe and durable for a long time.

  1. Various industries

In the field of construction, calcium chloride is used for concrete. It improves the foundation of the concrete and helps keep the moisture content in check always. In the oil & gas industry, this chemical is an important component that is used in the department of drilling. While extracting oils from deep under the oil well, liquid calcium chloride is used to make the drilling process easy and hassle-free.

  1. Other everyday uses

Calcium chloride can absorb moisture from a place and keep it dry. Therefore, it proves to be quite handy, when you use it to dry damp areas such as basements, attics, etc. It is also widely used in room fresheners because it absorbs the dampness in the air and keeps it fresh and clean always. It has an interesting use in your kitchens as well! Use calcium chloride for adding and preserving the flavors of your favorite foods.

Though Calcium Chloride is useful in many ways, you should handle it with care. Consuming too much of concentrated calcium chloride can result in severe gastrointestinal disorders.  Exposure to this chemical can also cause irritations in your eyes, skin and respiratory tract. Therefore, you should exercise due caution and protection when using this chemical.

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