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Rock salt is used to keep roads, parking lots, steps and sideways free of snow and ice. As your local supplier of rock salt we help keep the roads safe and the pathways clear. We are dedicated to supplying the best rocks salt possible so that all safety concerns can be covered efficiently.

With so many products available for melting ice it can be difficult to decide which one to use. Rock salt has been and remains one of the most common products for effectively melting ice on the roads and other surfaces. It can handle snow and ice that is extremely solid and dense, which is where other deicers usually fall short. In colder areas where the winters are long and brutal, this salt can handle most of the worst winter hazards that arise.

Rock salt interacts with ice and snow to form a special type of brine, which naturally lowers the freezing point. This chemical reaction starts right away once the salt comes into contact with ice or snow. The water brine created causes more melting to occur, which then speeds up the process.

The salt can work in an environment that ranges from 48°F down to 10°F. If the conditions are any colder than that, other products should be considered for use instead. For this reason, anyone that is using a deicer should examine not only the snow and ice conditions but the temperature as well.

We offer a number of different products that work well in various weather conditions and many of them contain rock salt as one of the ingredients. At times it may be necessary to use rock salt combined with other elements in order to provide the best safety conditions for the roads, parking lots etc.

Rock salt can be applied either immediately following the clearing of snow to prevent areas from becoming icy or it may be applied once ice has formed. In some cases it isn’t possible to apply it until there is ice on the roads due to certain weather issues such as sudden freezing rain that wasn’t expected.

The proper use of rock salt keeps traffic running smoothly and prevents interruptions for businesses and for individuals on the home front. We provide bulk rock salt at affordable prices so that you can always remain stocked up without fear of running short of supplies. It’s vitally important to have a good reserve of rock salt put aside for the winter so that you’ll always be ready for the colder weather conditions.

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