What to Know About Bulk Rock Salt

Bulk rock salt is an economical deicer used to remove snow and ice quickly and efficiently. It’s widely applied along walkways, roadways, highways, driveways and parking lots. It is one of the oldest products used in clearing ice and snow because it’s readily available and cost-effective compared to other products. Most of the users are local consumers, commercial companies, and government organizations.

Bulk Rock Salt works by preventing the ice and snow from bonding. It is made of sodium chloride (NaCl) commonly known as Halite; it occurs naturally on the earth crust in the form of solid in rock deposits.

When it is applied to ice and snow it lowers the freezing temperature of it; this leads to melting producing water. If more salt is spread melting will continue. When rock salt is applied to the ice, it forms liquid brine that stays in a liquid state in that lower temperature in which pure water would have frozen. The liquid brine combines with the other remaining parts of pathways making it easy to work on it. The rock salt can also be applied before the start winter season to prevent the buildup of snow and ice on surfaces.

The rock salt is produced in several particles sizes. The largest are used in road/highways while the smallest one is used in sidewalks and parking lots. Medium coarse particles are preferred because it is easier to spread hence a lot of time is saved on the application.

The bulk rock salt is available all over the United States of America. Some of the cities and their respective prices include:


  1. Chicago IL -$69.00 per ton (Free sales Tax)
  2. Nashville TN. – $82.00 per ton (Free Sales Tax)
  3. Columbus OH. – $85.00 per ton (Free Sales Tax)
  4. Comanche IA. – $75.00 per ton (Free Sales Tax)
  5. Metro East- $69.00 per ton (Free Sales Tax)
  6. Louisville KY. – $82.00 per ton (Free Sales Tax)
  7. Milwaukee WI. – $85.00 Per ton (Free Sales Tax)
  8. Louis Mo-$69.00 per ton.

More location the bulk rock salt can be delivered on truck include:


  • Rockford, IL.
  • Bowling Green, Ky.
  • Aurora, IL.
  • Peoria, IL.
  • Madison, WI.
  • Springfield, IL.
  • Champaign, IL.
  • Decatur, IL.
  • Quincy, IL.
  • Carbondale, IL
  • Kansas City, MO.
  • Columbia, MO
  • Jefferson City, MO.
  • Valparaiso, IN.
  • Springfield, MO.
  • Valparaiso, IN.
  • Lexington, KY.
  • Nashville, TN.
  • Auburn, NY.
  • Owensboro, Ky.
  • Waukesha, WI.
  • South Bend, IN.
  • Norwich, NY.
  • Wheeling, WV.
  • Lincoln, NE.
  • Allentown, PA.

And many more cities in the USA the product is available.



  1. It is cheap.
  2. It is easy to store.
  3. It is readily available in most of the temperate region.
  4. It is easy to spread.
  5. it is harmless to human-being skin and clothes.
  6. It leaves the surfaces dry.



  1. It is only effective up to -3.88889 degrees Celsius.
  2. It has negative on vegetation.
  3. It rates of melting is slower compared to other products like Calcium Chloride.
  4. It is corrosive to some material.


Concluding Thoughts

For those whom cost is their main concern rock salt is the finest choice to choose. Also, it is readily available; the user will not be required move to many shops looking for it every time winter seasons draws near. Use calcium chloride; don’t let snow and ice hinder your movement around your home and business areas during the winter season.

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