What To Look For In Rock Salt Distributors

If you have never ordered rock salt from a rock salt distributor before then there are a number of things that you need to take into account. You may be a first time home owner who wants to make their driveway and other areas safe during winter. Follow this guide and you will not go wrong when choosing from the many rock salt distributors.

Go for a Rock Salt Distributor that has been around

We would never advise using a rock salt distributor that has just started up. It is always best to find a distributor that has been in business for a while such as Rock Salt USA. Be wary of rock salt distributors that have made a recent appearance during the winter months.

It is essential that you receive a high quality rock salt product and the best possible service. Brand new companies are unlikely to be able to offer you both of these and you may even end up losing money if the company is not on the level.

You may be tempted to just use a local store that stocks rock salt bags. The problem here is that they are not going to be experts in the field and may advise you wrongly about the right product for your location. They are almost certainly going to be more expensive.

Does the Rock Salt Distributor serve your area?

There are many good reasons for ordering rock salt in bulk and if you want to do this then you need to find out whether a rock salt distributor will deliver to your area or not. This information should be on their website. At Rock Salt USA we serve many different states and you can find out which areas we serve here.

Does the Rock Salt Distributor carry a Large Inventory?

The best rock salt distributors will be able to offer you a range of ice melting products which is important because you want to end up with the product that suits your environment. Check out the websites of potential suppliers and call them to discuss their product range.

Do they have Expert Staff?

It is very important that your rock salt distributor has expert staff on hand that can help you and advise on the best products for your location. At Rock Salt USA we have a team of experts who know a great deal about the subject. We would be delighted to discuss your requirements and advise you on the best product to use.

You are pretty unlikely to find this level of expertise in your local store that sells bags of rock salt as well as hundreds of other items. This knowledge and expertise is critical to you so that you can be sure that the product you purchase will do the job properly.

What is their Customer Service like?

Providing you with expert advice is very important but backing this up with poor customer service is not acceptable. Go online and look for examples of the distributor’s customer service.

Prepare a list of questions and then call the distributor to see how well they handle everything. They should be delighted to help you and answer all of your questions properly. If there is any rudeness or you get the feeling that they can’t be bothered then move on to the next supplier.

What Options are available?

Check to see if a rock salt distributor can sell you individual bags as well as pallets and even a truck load of ice melting material. Some people will require much larger amounts than others. Also what payment methods do they have? Can you use a credit card or maybe even PayPal?

What are the Prices?

We would never advise that you just go for the cheapest option because the quality of the ice melting products is extremely important. You have to know what the prices are though. The best rock salt distributors will have the prices for their products clearly displayed on their websites. If they don’t you will have to contact them and ask.

Do they provide Bulk order Delivery?

If you decide to go for a bulk order of rock salt then you want to find out if the distributor will deliver to you. If they do deliver is this extra or included in the price? Going to the distributor and collecting your bulk rock salt order will be quite a challenge and you will need a large vehicle and probably some help from a friend etc.

At Rock Salt USA we are one of the most experienced and knowledgeable rock salt distributors around. We can help you with all of your ice melting product needs so please contact us here.

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