There are a lot of means of carrying bulk deliveries of palletized and loose rock salt. When making a choice, individual or businesses should consider the means of delivery that will be best for them and provides easy reach to business salt storage areas.

Rock salt can be delivered through different means. Modern means of transportation involves using cars or trucks that are fit for all types of products and can also get to your salt storage section easily.

If selecting the right method of transporting goods, it is very important that you consider the following: how big or small the good you want to transport is, how fast cant it get to the storage area and how well can it perform other duties that your organization may need.

Rock Salt USA delivers your rock salt to any location from any of the terminals below

  • Louis MO. – Call for pricing
  • Metro East IL. – Call for pricing         No Sales Tax
  • Chicago IL. – Call for pricing               No Sales Tax
  • Milwaukee WI. – Call for pricing        No Sales Tax
  • Columbus OH. – Call for pricing         No Sales Tax
  • Louisville KY. – Call for pricing           No Sales Tax
  • Nashville TN. – Call for pricing           No Sales Tax
  • Camanche IA. – Call for pricing          No Sales Tax
  • Lansing NY. – Call for pricing             No Sales Tax


Rock salt can be delivered loose or bagged and palletized. A loose bulk load will normally be carried right from the van to the warehouse, while immediate bulk containers and loads of palletized bags can be deposited at anywhere.

Palletized deliveries that are not much in quantity are easier to deliver by a tail lift vehicle and a pallet truck, while medium and large bag orders are better offloaded from either a standard flat bed vehicle or article vehicle integrated forklift. Industries with little storage areas can make use of cranes to offload goods.

Pallets can be carried easily by a flat bed vehicle to your storage areas, while integrated forklift deposits are most fit for some businesses that do not have their storage areas on site. We have a safe maximum pallet weight for these types of deliveries.


If transporting goods to a destination inaccessible by road, water transportation is more suitable. Shipping goods is sometimes an economical choice to delivering by road and different means of offloading goods can be applied.


It is quite cost effective to buy bulk loads or loose or palletized and bagged rock salt for transportation as discounts are mostly available for bulk orders. Cost of transporting or delivering the goods can be reduced.


You should also know that, a reliable supplier will make sure to deliver your order in the best condition by choosing a means of transportation that protects your order from water. It is very important to establish a strong relationship with the supplier who can provide and deliver goods on time and can also do emergency orders, Saturday deliveries and scheduled off loads.

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