Where To Buy Bulk Rock Salt

Rock salt also called Halite; is a natural crystalline sodium chloride mineral which rates as one of the most important natural resources that is used during winter. You can find rock salt on dinner tables but we are discussing about the larger and coarse salt used for deicing roads, pathways and motorways.


Rock salt reduces the freezing point of liquid on the roads and hastens the melting process. Before it can be effective, it needs to be crushed and dissolved by vehicles. The road grits also have to be careful not to grit early so the mineral does not fall on a dry road and be swept off by the wind or traffic. If they grit too early, the road’s surface starts to freeze making it unsafe for people to drive but if they do it on time, the salt can be spread on the surface of the road and the melting process begins.

During the winter season we are faced with a lot of safety problems on paved surfaces. Salt is the most popular product used around the world for melting ice. The good thing about using rock salt for melting ice is that you do not need to apply so much for the ice to get melted; a small amount of rock salt will weaken the ice allowing it to be easily removed by other methods. Most people prefer to spread a mixture of rock salts and salt on roads during times of forecast snow and ice to help make the traction of vehicles better.

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