Why treated rock salt is very popular today

During the winters, removing the ice and snow from your sidewalks, pavements, and roads is a huge challenge, indeed! You have to choose anti-icing materials that are not only effective in melting ice but also safe for the pavements and vegetation around it. When you set out looking for the perfect de-icing material, you will face a problem of plenty, because there are quite a lot of anti-icing products (in many forms) in the market today.

However, when you do some groundwork in this field, you will understand that treated rock salt is one of the most commonly used de-icing materials today. It is so popular that it is preferred over some of the other common choices such as calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, liquid deicers and the like.

What makes the treated rock salt quite the popular choice that it is today? Keep reading to know more about the same:

Reduces the freeze cycle of concrete

Treated rock salt doesn’t act very quickly on the roads and pavements when applied. You may have noticed that the reaction time of ice or snow is much slower when it is exposed to treated rock salt than when it is exposed to calcium chloride or magnesium chloride. However, you need to focus on the big picture always. In the long run, treated rock salt acts quite effectively on roads and pavements and reduces the freezing or thawing cycles on concrete.

Effective and useful across all applications

One of the main reasons why treated rock salt is considered a great choice for deicing is that it works very well in freezing temperatures, especially when mixed with slight amounts of calcium and magnesium chloride. Treated rock salt is very flexible in that; it can be mixed with agricultural enhancers as well, to make it as natural as possible. Thus, you can be assured that they don’t create too much damage or corrosion to your roads or pavements.

Corrosion stopping properties

If you are looking at long-term protection of the roads while removing the ice & snow, you should try out treated rock salts, without any hassles. This is because these salts have properties that stop corrosion in the areas where they are being applied. They also come in different colors, so that it makes it very easy for you to apply. You can apply the right amount of salt in the right areas, to get the desired results.


Treated rock salt is the way to go if you are tight on budget. They are not even half as costly as the other deicing elements such as calcium and magnesium chloride. They are very affordable, which makes it an easy choice for homeowners to buy them and apply them to their pavements. They also ensure that the roads are kept free of ice and snow, in temperatures that are down to around 25 degrees F.

If you have pets and plants on the roads and pavements near you, you should use treated rock salt with caution. This is because it contains a slight degree of toxic chemicals that cause damage to the plants and pets, if not used in the right quantities.

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